Energy Healing and Balancing – Understanding the Process

It doesn’t matter what type of healing we’re referring to, whether it is chakra healing, aura healing or any other form of alternative healing currently being practiced, this is what I believe happens when a healing takes place.

Healing occurs on many levels — physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual. When a practitioner works with a client, in most cases, energy shifts occur which can be recognized by the practitioner and the person they’re working on. When you have a massage and the tense muscles are released, you immediately recognize that you feel better and are less tense. It’s the same with energy work. The person worked on may feel less or no pain and more relaxed. They really don’t understand what happened, since they didn’t feel anything while being worked on. However, there are individuals who do feel energy move and the shifts that are going on.

When the client experiences a noticeable sensation or feeling in their body during the session, it is much easier for their conscious mind to accept that something is happening. However, everyone experiences energy work differently. As an energy worker I can use the same technique on three different individuals and each will have completely different reactions to what has been done. Even after a short period of time, I frequently hear how relaxed they feel, often going to sleep right on the table. When the session is complete, I give them water and let them know the healing process might continue and they should rest.

I also warn them that they should not get more healing work done on the same day. Too much of a good thing can sometimes make you worse, since not everyone can handle letting go of so much energy at once. Sometimes when you help release an energy blockage, it begins a slow process of healing which can continue over a period of days, weeks or, so I’ve heard, even years. These shifts can be very subtle and may go unnoticed for a while. After a time, the client may realize they’re not thinking or feeling the same way as before. Perhaps a painful situation no longer bothers them. I make them aware that their healing process may go on long after the session is over.

I like Michael Bradford’s description of healing. He likens healing to baking, in that baking depends on certain ingredients, the heat of the oven and the cooking time. Likewise, healing involves a person’s issues (the ingredients), the amount of healing energy required (the heat), and the time needed for the healing energy to release the blockage (time). You can relate some of the main ingredients to the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges a person is dealing with. Some of the other ingredients Bradford describes are the readiness and willingness of the person to heal. (Bradford, 1996)

I think what he is saying has a lot of validity and it has been my experience that this comparison holds true. However, since I have been working with Chinese Energetic Healing and Quantum Physics, the time needed for healing has changed drastically. In years past, it may have taken several sessions to get the same results I now get in one session, perhaps not for all issues, but certainly for a number of physical and emotional problems. Sometimes, we have to peel off outer layers to reach a complete healing. It is truly up to the individual we’re working on.

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