Energy Healing and Balancing Accessing Your Potential

You can reprogram your past, present and future for a deeper healing experience.

It is possible to transform your life on every level, whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You can reprogram your past, present and future for a deeper healing experience. Using her intuition and accelerated energy medicine techniques, Tulsi can pinpoint the root cause of your dis-ease or imbalance. Subconscious core beliefs can be accessed and released for greater mental and emotional freedom. All issues such as pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, addictions, grief, and behavior patterns can be addressed. Your emotional/mental baggage from childhood or relationships can be released. Your first session will affect you at the core level, bringing you a renewed sense of well-being and empowerment.

Life coaching and spiritual counseling and guidance is also available for those individuals wishing to connect with their own inner truth. You can learn how to empower yourself to make healthier and more fulfilling choices about your health, relationships, career, finances or other life changing situations you’re facing. You can learn how to effectively use the Law of Attraction by changing your thoughts and feelings. Most importantly, gain emotional freedom, clear insight and guidance for greater success in your life journey.

About Dr. Milliken

Tulsi is a holistic facilitator who specializes in energy healing and has been using energetic medicine in her private practice for over 20 years. She also served as Clinical Director of a half-way house for women after drug and alcohol rehab. A believer in alternative therapy, her focus is geared to working with the person as a whole (mind, body, and spirit). While at the half-way house, she initiated a holistic program with the residents, which was well received, and was implemented in other facilities as well.

An eternal student, Tulsi has advanced degrees in counseling psychology. Building upon conventional therapeutic models, she developed her own style of energy psychology.

Additionally, she studied with the Upledger Institute over a course of ten years, receiving training in various body and energy work modalities. The goal of this study was to further her knowledge of the mind/body connection, and to this end she has been successful. She also trained with Peggy Dubro the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique. She became certified first as a practitioner, then as a teacher. Tulsi began giving workshops to certify practitioners in 1999.

Tulsi’s other studies have included the Usui System of Natural Healing (Reiki), the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine, and most recently she was certified as a Matrix Energetics practitioner. Tulsi recently completed a training manual for practitioners or laypersons who wish to learn the basics of energy work.

Tulsi has been a student of practical spirituality for over 30 years and has guided many of her clients in utilizing the concepts of the “Law of Attraction”, and the “Art of Allowing.” Using her knowledge of psychology and spiritual principles, Tulsi has helped clients gain emotional freedom for greater joy, success, and well-being in their life and relationships.

Another important aspect of Tulsi’s work is her ability to help individuals find the root cause of their imbalances or dis-ease in their body. Using accelerated techniques, Tulsi works with individuals to release and heal physical, emotional and spiritual challenges they may be experiencing from either the past or present. The goal is to help the client create balance and peace of mind by transmuting and releasing old dysfunctional patterns of behavior, transcending limiting beliefs, and transforming themselves into healthy happy adults.

Utilizing her own original techniques and those of other modalities, Tulsi has created a life transforming, life altering program for change.

Keep in mind that Tulsi is not a medical doctor. However, many physical conditions have a root cause that is emotionally, mentally or spiritually based. This is addressed, thus leading to an improved physical condition.

While one may receive immediate relief with this type of work, it can also be a supportive treatment to other approaches you may be receiving. It is important to seek out a competent, licensed physician for the diagnosis and treatment of injuries, illness and disease, before resorting to other alternative forms of care such as energy healing and energy balancing.

This transformational form of energy healing and energy balancing is available either in person, by telephone or remotely. Tulsi works with clients all over the world with the same results. Having a session in person is not necessary for change to occur.

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