The EMF Balancing Technique®

The Universal Calibration LatticeThe EMF Balancing Technique®, which was developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, is an energy balancing procedure for assisting people by aligning their own Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) to bring balance at the level it is most needed. This can be on a physical, mental, or emotional level, and often involves balancing of all these aspects with each other. For this reason it is especially helpful in allowing people to move beyond the effects of past trauma. Surrounding and penetrating our physical bodies is an energy field known as the Universal Calibration Lattice. This is a network of interconnecting energy “strands” which extend out to about two feet from the body. Whenever there is any disharmony in a person’s life, this energy lattice is affected, restricting the natural harmonious flow. By following a sequence of techniques and hand placements through the energy field, the practitioner is able to gently adjust the energy balance of the flow so that each client can adjust to the next best pattern for their own health.

How Can It Help Me?

The Electro-Magnetic Field is not confined to the physical body alone. It is now recognized that thoughts and emotions are also impulses that have a direct impact on our health, and are no longer viewed as separate from our physical well-being. For this reason, balancing of the energy flow allows for integration of all these aspects, and can assist in resolving any distressing issues being faced. Rather than being designed to treat specific complaints, the EMF Balancing Technique® serves to open that space of peace and well-being within you, wherein your body’s own wisdom will promote healing on the necessary level. It is important to realize that a very powerful part of this work is the intent of the person seeking help. For individuals facing major issues in their lives, the EMF Balancing Technique® offers a powerful tool for transformation. For those needing to simply relieve stress or bring more harmony into their lives, it is a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing process.

What Is an EMF Session?

An EMF Balancing Technique® session is an experience of one’s own electromagnetic energy field and the patterns within it. Time is spent at the beginning of each session discussing any areas of concern the client may have. However, it is not necessary for the practitioner to have any background information for the balancing to be effective. Each session lasts about an hour. The recipient lies on a therapy table while the practitioner carries out a series of graceful Tai-Chi-like movements. Most of the movements involve passing the hands through portions of the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL). During some parts of the session, the practitioner will gently place their hands on the body to facilitate the flow of energy. Each session results in a strengthening of the UCL, allowing it to carry a greater electrical charge. While each session has its own set procedure, the calibration (or strengthening) is unique to each person receiving the session. The calibration is determined by their inner wisdom, an expression of their unique electromagnetic configuration.

Each session begins with a brief assessment of your energy field. The balancing of the energy field begins as you lay comfortably on a therapy table.

First, the field is “prepared” as universal energy flows from the practitioner’s hands and through your energy anatomy. This may create a warm, tingling, relaxed sensation. (Note: this is universal energy, not the practitioner’s personal energy.)

Then the “clearing” process begins as the fibers of energy are stretched. A feeling of strings of energy being gently pulled is not uncommon. This is part of the calibration process within the energy system of the Universal Calibration Lattice.

Next, during the “balancing” process, the practitioner places their hands on or above several energy centers (chakras). This touch often creates perceptible temperature changes within the body and leads into the final adjustments of the energy session. A unique feature of this non-invasive procedure is a cool or cold energy flow that often accompanies the more traditional warm or hot “healing” energy.

There are four separate phases arranged in sequence to build on each other for optimum improvement to your well-being. Each session provides a powerful realignment within the energy anatomy to awaken the energy pattern of Self-Enablement, also called the Universal Calibration Lattice. This is an important factor to being in partnership with the universal energy source, also referred to as the Cosmic Lattice.

After you have been through the four phases in sequence, you may choose to repeat different phases, according to your needs. Each has its own procedure, and its own benefits.

Phase I – Wisdom and Emotions

This session releases stress and establishes a new pattern of freedom and well-being. Experience the energetic balance between the head and heart. This balance between your thoughts and emotions can bring new clarity to any life situation. Wisdom and love in combination are the keys that will activate success in your life, and Phase I energetically clears the path for harmonizing these aspects.

Phase II – Self Direction and Support

Here the accent is on building self-support and direction. During this session, energy tied up in past experiences is gracefully released, removing any blockages from previous times that may be keeping you stuck.

Phase III – Radiate Core Energy

The focus in Phase III is on holding core energy, allowing a sense of centeredness and harmony with your circumstances. The radiating of core energy allows inner wisdom to manifest more frequently in your daily life. This is a wonderful tool for dealing with any stressful situation, and at the end of the session the practitioner can teach you how to easily activate this core energy whenever you choose to do so.

Phase IV – Energetic Accomplishment

Having accomplished the energetic alignments of mind/emotions (Phase I), released blocked issues from the past (Phase II), and become centered in the present core energy (Phase III), we are ready to activate our ability to move into our future potential. Empowering ourselves to achieve our dreams can seem difficult until we awaken our inner ability to determine our own reality. This session is a powerful aid to help you create new circumstances beyond any previous limitations.

How many sessions are needed?

There are many reasons people come for an EMF session, from a desire to relax, a desire to “heal,” a desire to understand Self… According to individual needs, clients will choose how many sessions they require. A single treatment may be all it takes to establish the desired harmony. However, the benefits of following through with all four phases are well worthwhile for most people. The intent is not to rely on continual balancing by a practitioner, but to use your improved energy to move forward in your own power. The results are permanent, in that they establish a new pattern in the Electro-Magnetic Field that remains in place as the basis for ongoing development. Often clients will experience further positive shifts in the days following a treatment, as they adjust to their own new pattern. Occasionally, you may wish to return for additional calibrations, which will continue to clear and strengthen your energy body. Either a single session or a combination of two different phases can be performed.

Success is not always measured by the immediate removal of physical symptoms, as these sometimes bring needed understanding. The greatest benefit comes from an increased sense of inner peace and harmony to effectively deal with all aspects of your life. There is a sacred awareness to this work, which recognizes the universal oneness of all living things.

For those individuals who cannot travel or live too far from a practitioner, phone sessions can be arranged. The four phases of the EMF Balancing Technique can be performed anywhere in the world over the telephone.


Here is a testimonial describing the before and after state of a client who received an energy balancing treatment. This was done using the Aurastar 2000, an advanced biofeedback imaging system.

I met Tulsi after being on the road traveling for three weeks to new places, and felt very tense and agitated, both in my shoulders (dull red, burden energy) and in my stomach area (purple is too high a life force for the body, nervousness, nausea, anxiety). Though my outer energy was fairly balanced and vital, I had mixed emotions in my stomach and chest areas, and the purple inspirational thoughts combined with purple in the feet (wanting to rush ahead spiritually) was not backed up by my current feelings in the body. In the chakra percentages, my heart is the lowest (40) which is still average, yet it does not match the flow of all the other chakras. I needed to process some feelings, and let go of some disappointments stemming from past lives which had been revealing themselves to me at the time. The darker red by my right knee says that I needed to surrender, to let go and flow with life again.

I began to relax when Tulsi put on some wonderful goddess music called “Returning.” She gently began talking to me and anointing me with calming essential oils, which instantly put me in a more receptive state. Through some very advanced energy techniques and procedures, Tulsi proceeded to cleanse and charge my Spleen, Solar and Heart Chakras. I felt very relaxed and confident in her abilities, and focused on releasing any harmful emotions from my body. Within a short time, I was in a deeply relaxed state, and Tulsi said she had a hard time easing me back into normal state of consciousness. I felt almost drunk on the bliss and joy I felt in my body and mind. You can see the whole picture stabilized and balanced out, where the mid section was all jumbled, it is now clear blues and greens, matching the legs, arms, and thoughts, which says I am fully in the present moment. I feel very calm and centered with a “love of life” feeling, which is what the blue energy stands for, and my heart felt relieved, clear and loving. The heart has also increased 8 points, which is significant. There was still some physical tension in my shoulders, yet the red is brighter, and shows the energy is at least moving. I would still need a deep massage from all the driving I’d been doing. The yellow in the thoughts is brighter, which says I took in new information, and became more optimistic in the session. The dark red energy which had been by my right knee is now a much brighter and clearer orange as well, which says I released most of the issue which was holding me back and keeping me from surrendering.

It was a much welcomed reprieve from the stresses of traveling, and I needed to recharge my batteries before a weekend of work at the Del Mar Health Expo. Without a doubt, Tulsi is a highly experienced and knowledgeable energy practitioner.

— Alison Poulin

Aura image before EMF
Before EMF
Aura image after EMF
After EMF