How the Chakras Affect Our Personality and How to Clear and Balance Them

The focus of this article will be on what aspect of your personality the different chakras relate to and two easy techniques to clear and balance them. Its important that the energy centers are clear and aligned, since that allows the energy to flow freely up and down the spine and throughout the nervous system. The result is often a feeling of peace and a sense of well-being because the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are directly related to the chakra system. Tension, negative emotions and other unbalanced energies can be released from the chakras, which can help the person as a whole, since there is a connection between all the bodies. Because the chakras are all connected, when one area is worked with the entire chakra system is affected.

Qualities of the Chakras

First Chakra-Red: Some of its qualities are motivation, passion, strength and grounding. Red helps to give us vitality, courage, inner strength and self-confidence, and encourages us to achieve our goals. It gives us the power and strength to pursue our dreams.

Second Chakra-Orange: It is connected to our emotional and feeling self, and some of its qualities are joy, happiness and being sociable.

Third Chakra-Yellow: This is our ego center and some of its qualities are optimism, intelligence and being mentally creative. The heart is greatly affected by this chakra.

Fourth Chakra-Green: The Solar Plexus Chakra is an energy clearing house center. It is believed that a large portion of energy from the lower chakras pass through this front chakra before reaching the higher chakras and vice versa. The whole body can be strengthened by energizing this chakra. This chakra is connected to our loving self. Some of its qualities are harmony, kindness, sensitivity, emotional balancing, unconditional love, understanding and growth.

Fifth Chakra-Blue: The Throat Chakra is connected to our expressive self. Some of its qualities are honesty, politeness, creative self-expression and will. It also helps with detailed planning and organizing.

Sixth Chakra-Indigo: This chakra is also called the master chakra because it directs and controls the other chakras and their corresponding endocrine glands. It is also called the third eye, since it’s connected to our universal seeing self. Some of the qualities are wisdom, truth seeking and intuition.

Seventh Chakra-Violet: This chakra is connected to our knowing and spiritual self. Some of the qualities are inspiration, charisma, ability to see the beauty in life, and it helps to purify thoughts and feelings. It increases our artistic and creative abilities as well.

Balancing the Chakras

There are many techniques for clearing, balancing and energizing the chakras, but I’ll give you a couple of simple ones that anyone can do.

First Technique: Shake your hands to clear old energy, then, rub your hands briskly together. This activates the minor chakras in your hands and gets the energy moving. They may feel warm. Next, put both hands over the chakra you want to work with. Imagine Universal healing energy coming into your hands as you give the intent to clear, balance and energize the chakra you have your hands on. You may feel heat going into that area as this happens. Continue for a couple of minutes or until you feel it is done. Shake off the energy when you’re through. Repeat the procedure for the next chakra.

Second Technique: This one might be easier if you lie down. Shake your hands to clear the energy, then, rub them briskly together. Next, open both hands, palms down, with one on top of the other. Place both hands over the chakra you are working with and begin circling counterclockwise about 3 to 4 inches above the chakra. Make slow counterclockwise circles over the chakra for approximately one to two minutes or until you feel it is complete.

Next shake your hands to clear the energy and circle clockwise for half as long as the counterclockwise direction. The clockwise direction soothes and stabilizes the cleared chakra. Repeat the same process for each chakra that you are clearing. For a man, clear the crown chakra clockwise to clear and then counterclockwise to sooth. All the other chakras are the same as described above.

You can use these techniques daily or whenever you feel the need. Begin with an area where you are feeling discomfort. Each chakra has its own personality traits as described above. Look at the specific areas that are causing you discomfort, such as the heart chakra. This process may bring up toxic or blocked energies which will then be able to move out of your body. Since we express ourselves through these energy centers, once cleared of tension and negative emotions, we can move into a more balanced state of well-being. Remember that the chakras are all connected, so clearing one will impact the others as well. Clearing the chakras will boost your entire energy system.